Forward Loop

The forward loop is a balls out fun manouvre

The more efficient and effective you sail the easier it all is and we are therefore calling upon all our sailing skills.

  • Early planing - gets us up to speed to hit the right ramp
  • Sailing upwind - gets us into the position where the ramps are
  • Board control - extends the wind range we can do the move in
  • Equipment set-up – gives us the pop and keeps us in the straps.

Looping Tip - #1 from Jem Hall on Vimeo.

Whilst kit set up is personal, I find that the majority of good loopers have both a relatively high boom and a generous to big sizing of their footstraps.

In order to work towards the move concentrate on:

Improving and developing your jumping and chop hopping skills
Ensure that you are doing this airtime prep with your body over the board on take off.


Popping - Getting the board out of the water from setting up in a coiled position
Look where we want to go - We are aiming to rotate and it is therefore crucial to look behind you. This helps pull the clew in and stops you bottling out
Rig away - The front arm is extended through the rotation and landing. This increases rotational speed and lets the rig pull you from the water upon landing.

Key Stages

Setting-up - Getting low and ready to pop with the backhand right back.
Popping - Taking off cleanly whilst on a downwind course.
Rotation - Looking back, pulling in on the backhand and the back leg.
Landing - Extending the arms and scissoring the board to pull you out the water.

The Ramp

Choose a nice defined ramp, which is slightly downwind. It is amazing how much flat water has patterns of chop movement so keep scanning for those ramps. Small and steep waves are also very helpful. A little bit of chop downwind will give you so much more success than any sized ramp upwind.

Key Moves

  • Get low and ready to pop with back hand right back
  • Pop and take off downwind
  • Extend front arm towards the nose
  • Look back and pull in hard with back arm and leg
  • Stay tucked and keep looking back
  • Land and throw the rig upright and open
  • Scissor the board off and go into early planing mode.


Getting flung out the straps – Take off is downwind and ensure the board is out of the water before initiating rotation

Slow rotation

Ensure you are centred over the board
Extend the front arm more
Tuck back foot into your arse


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