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Jem Hall Windsurfing Clinics FAQ's

  • Should I bring a wetsuit?

    Jem Says:

    Prasonisi, Rhodes, Med, June and Aug/Sept.

    - Shorty or Board shorts, lycra top, neoprene rash vest. Sun hat recommended.

    Punta san Carlos, Baja, Mexico, Pacfic, July/August

    - 4/3 or 3/2 and double lined flexible suits recommended for both SUP and windsurfing. Long armed suits are also popular here!

    Mauritius, Indian Ocean, September

    - Shorty or Board shorts, lycra top, neoprene rash vest. 3/2 summer steamers also popular here

    Jeri, Brazil, warm Atlantic, November/December

    - red hot! board shorts and lycra only. Sun hat recommended.
  • Who comes on
    Jem Hall coaching holidays?

    Jem Says:
    A wide variety of personalities and nationalities come on a Jem Hall coaching holiday. There are singles, couples, groups and families and Jem ensures that everyone feels part of the group. Their common characteristics are that they are determined to improve their windsurfing skills while having a fun, memorable week. It is surprising how much you learn about your own windsurfing from sailing with other people and watching their skills and improvement and how much humour there is in a team learning environment. As well as core skill practice, Jem will be giving you a focus each day, specific to your abilities and current skill level. Jem has found this team approach works well, because with other people on the clinic his larger than life enthusiasm is spread and gives you time each day to work on your skills away from his focus.
  • What is Jem's coaching style?

    Jem Says:
    Every clinic aims to combine a fun filled week of banter and humour with big improvements in skills. While there are some core skills that almost everyone could do with improving which are taught as as a group, Jem also provides a very tailored set of suggestions for improving each person's skills - so that you always have something specific to you to work on. Almost every day there is video feedback and while you cannot guarantee that Jem will capture everything you do, you can be sure there will be plenty of footage to discuss and learn from on a big screen that evening or the next morning. Jem has found that many of the improvements come in the weeks and months after the clinic when you have time to assimilate the things you have learnt from the week and put the new skills in to practice at home.
  • Is my kit ok?

    Jem Says:
    Expect a discussion on the kit you have at home so that Jem can help you ensure you have the equipment most likely to help you when you return from the clinic. As a former Boards tester, Jem is able to help you identify new and second hand kit from a range of manufacturers to best accelerate your sailing going forward and not just encourage you to buy Ezzy sails and RRD boards. He recognises that different people have different budgets, sailing conditions and needs and his advice is able to adapt to that. Jem also ensures that you get the very best out of the hire kit you take from the centre or your own equipment that some people bring to coaching weeks.
  • What happens if there is no wind?

    Jem Says:
    It is very rare to have no wind for a whole week. When there is some wind - a lot can be learnt about board and rig control from practising light wind skills - like carve gybing, tacking, the upwind or downwind 360. Clinic locations are chosen for their very good wind and wave (where applicable) statistics. Jem will also help you to take on board other sports like surfing or SUPing in wave locations, flat water SUPing in the centres that have them, or even mountain biking on the sixy miles of single track that Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico has to offer.
  • What other fun is planned?

    Jem Says:
    There is always an evening meal together which is timed around video feedback and once a week there is an optional night out or another activity of a different form - so for instance in Rhodes we have a night out in the very pretty pedestrianised Lindos which was founded in the 10th century BC, while in Mauritius there is an opportunity to climb Le Morne to get to the amazing views over the sailing spot. In places like Jeri or Ireland where you eat at different places most nights, as oppose to the hotel holidays with half / full board, then Jem will book ahead different bars or restaurants for the week and take votes on what is popular and ensure you all get back to your favourites. Where a locations bars are particularily well set up for sundowner cocktails, Jem will organise sunset drinks - such as the famous Rum Coke nights in Marvellous Marsa Alam, the caipirinhas of Jericoacoara and the Baja fogs of Punta San Carlos.
  • What is the best preparation for a coaching holiday?

    Jem Says:
    The number one attribute you need when arriving on a coaching holiday is a willingness to try new techniques and skills without resisting - a learning attitude. There is nothing Jem wants you to do more than improve so everything he recommends will be pushing you towards skills the pros have and away from the mistakes that hold back many amateur windsurfers. The more open you are to change and learning the faster your progress during and after the clinic.

    You also need to arrive fit and rested as you will be pushed hard mentally and physically all week. The fitter you are the more you will get out of the coaching holiday, people often use this as a spur to take their fitness and power to weight ratios to new found levels! If you want to have a two week holiday, it is probably best to book it so that your first week is the clinic, so you are fresh.

    Lastly, you will really be one step ahead if you have as much knowledge of Jem's highly acclaimed Vimeo channel . You can also achieve some amazing results if you really visualise the skills you are looking to achieve and mentally rehearse them. Jem wants you to get the absolute max out of his coaching holidays and sees them as a big investment in your windsurfing, so please invest in your preparation and reap the rewards!