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Jem's Clinics

Find the perfect location and get expert Windsurf Coaching

Jem's Clinics are located in some of the World's best Windsurfing conditions...

Spring Clinics
Baja - PSC (April / May 2023 & '24), Moulay Morroco (May 2024)
Summer Clinics
Greece - Rhodes (June), Baja - PSC (August / September)
Autumn Clinics
Mauritius (October 2022, paused for '23 and '24), Greece - Rhodes (September, on occassion)
Winter Clinics
Caribbean - Tobago (January + February), Brazil - Jeri (November + December)
Jem Hall
Windsurfing Coach

Jem Hall

All my clinic locations are absolutely awesome - if your not sure get in touch! 

Jem Hall
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Clinic FAQ's

Read some of the FAQ's about my clinics

Björn Lodbrok

32, Kattegat, Denmark
I completed a windsurfing clinic with Jem Hall and he really boosted my performance

Jem's Clinic Locations - The Worlds Top Windsurfing Destinations