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Baja - Punta San Carlos

  • May 2024 - Rolled over. Moulay, Morocco Set Up. :
    Reach out for Cancellation spots for Moulay in May '24
    Clinic One: April 22 - 29
  • May 2024 - Rolled over. Moulay, Morocco Set Up. :
    Consider May Moulay
    Clinic Two: April 29 - May 6
  • September 2024 - details Tba:
    Message me for current info
    Clinic One: August 26 - September 2
  • September 2024 - details Tba:
    Message me for current info
    Clinics Two and Three: Septemeber 2 - 16
The windsurfing in Baja is pure down-the-line heaven. If you are looking to boost your waveriding and wavesailing, look no further. 2023 has maybe 1 - 2 spaces left! PreBook now for 2024 Spring and Autumn (Fall).
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Windsurf Clinic Details

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    PSC Baja is pure down-the-line heaven. Boost your waveriding!
  • Package Price:
  • Clinic Price:

    £450 for the weeks tuition

Windsurfing Techniques

During the week I will be assisting you in developing all aspects of your wavesailing. You will improve in your riding through better wave selection, gaining more speed, making more vertical radical turns and improved positional awareness. If you are less experienced in waves then I will demonstrate efficient and safe ways of launching and getting out the back and of course getting you back in safely, then we will work towards better airtime and catching waves more effectively. I will be coaching through use of simulators, on-water coaching and video coaching. Please feel free to give me feedback on how it is going for YOU at any time so I can give you the best opportunity to develop.

Your Ability

For this Baja clinic, you should be able to sail a short board competently, and have done plenty of coastal sailing with some experience in waves. Your gybes will be fairly consistent and being able to tack will be a bonus, and you will have sailed in strong winds with total waterstart confidence.

Accommodation and Food

We will be staying at the fantastic Solosports, Baja campsite. Each person gets a deluxe mini-cabin tent fully loaded with pads, pillows and freshly laundered sleeping bags, use of all our toys like surfboards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, mountain bikes etc, plus unlimited use of all our new windsurf gear, wireless internet, daily hot showers and total use of our game room with TV/DVD, pool table, ping pong, darts, foosball and library! All your food (eating like kings) all your drinks including beer, wine and spirits (they have an outside bar and lounge) are also covered in the price.

The Social

The social here is made by all the people in the camp and our fine hosts Solosports who are great characters and extremely welcoming and funny. Having a sun downer and reflecting on the possibly one of the best sails of your life is a great feeling and the bar is manned by YOU or anybody who wishes to be bar person that night, drink as much or as little as you like and wind down from a great day in the ocean and / or on the MTB’S.

Other Activities

Surfing and stand up paddle boarding are world class in PSC, Baja and included in the price. It can be a beautiful start or end to a day and teaches you a great deal about waves.

Awesome Mountain biking with specially built routes and easy to use route cards and guided rides are often available. You can use the centres top of the range downhill machines.

Windsurfing Equipment

Ezzy Wavesails, wave sails rigged on Ezzy carbon masts, Goya sails rigged on Goya masts and Carbon booms throughout. Boards from RRD, Quatro and Goya and they will have tri fins, twinzers and quads there. They have over 75 boards from these brands in both older and current models, which are available to the whole camp of 20 people max. You will need a harness, spring steamer 4/3 wetsuit and boots/shoes, if you so wish. I recommend you bring your own long lines, or you preferred lines for familiarity.

The Windsurfing in PSC

 Baja goes off and we will be sailing at one of the world’s easiest and most consistent beaches for DTL wavesailing. PSC, Baja has season long wind and waves and we scored 6/7 last year and 12/14 for those who went for 2 weeks.

The Travel

  • Fly in to San Diego on Friday out of LHR, or relevant airport, for an evening / late afternoon arrival to San Diego.
  • BA has a direct flight to San Diego Return from London Heathrow.
  • If you are doing a transit in the USA then leave at least 3 hours between flights as you will have to clear customs and ReCheck in again.
  • Sleep in a San Diego hotel where a lot of SoloSports crew meet.
  • Minibus to small airport in the am of your relevant clinic week to catch small 4 seater planes to arrive in Psc, Baja (10 metres from the campsite!) for 1 – 2pm ish and then sail, surf, MTB.
  • Leave from Psc to San Diego on Saturday in the afternoon
  • Sleep in San Diego - a whole night or a few hours. Flight out of San Diego to late Saturday or Sunday  (Sunday normally arrives in Europe on Monday) 
  • Some people RISK a Saturday night flight out of San Diego as the Psc planes NORMALLY land around 17.00, but this is if all flights go smoothly and their is no fog etc etc :)


Windsurfing Beach

Testimonials for Jem Hall

How did Jem improve your sailing? Immeasurably! His infectious enthusiasm, awesome technical knowledge and unrivalled eye for detail improved every aspect of my sailing. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Tim Kenefick

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