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Jem Hall: Windsurf Instruction Windsurf Holidays and Windsurf DVDs

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Over the last 10 years as a professional windsurf instructor and coach, Jem Hall has gained a fitting reputation providing some of the best windsurfing instruction available in the world. He has fast-tracked the development of hundreds of windsurfers worldwide helping them rapidly improve, remove bad habits and break their fear barriers.

Clinics and Windsurf Holidays
Jem runs windsurfing clinics throughout the year all over the world. The clinics are a great mixture of windsurf holidays and windsurf courses and are ideal for those who need some windsurfing instruction to crack a new move or improve their all round windsurfing skill. Jem Hall clinics currently take place in Baja (California), Moulay (Morocco), Jericoacoara (Brazil), Prasonisi (Greece), Ireland, Marsa Alam (Egypt), Mauritius and the UK.

Windsurf DVDs
Jem has worked with Lars Petersen to produce two great windsurf DVDs: Beginner to Winner is a very modern windsurf DVD focusing on windsurfing technique from complete beginner through to waterstarting, blasting, jumping, gybes and duck gybes. Winner to Wavesailor follows on from Beginner to Winner and takes windsurfers from their first outing in waves through forward and backward rotations, wave riding and many more advanced moves. Both windsurf DVDs feature Jem Hall and his inimitable windsurfing instruction style throughout.

Jem Hall has a considerably windsurfing background: he has worked as a windsurf coach and windsurf instructor for over 10 years and has developed and run windsurf centres globally.

Jem is a qualified Sports Science Coach and utilises his excellent teaching skills on every windsurfer that books a windsurf course.

He has coached two of the UK's best professional sailors, Chris Audsley and John Skye, and actively advises and mentors many top professional windsurfers.

Jem left the Boards Magazine Test Team to pursue board and sail development and promotion for RRD windsurf boards and Ezzy sails. The experience he gained from testing gives him a thorough and expert knowledge of all the latest equipment and what is best for you. He is now the UK brand manager for both RRD and Ezzy

You can also catch up on his highly informative technique articles in Boardseeker online Magazine.

What can Jem do for my windsurfing?
Jem is an extremely conscientious windsurf coach and windsurf instructor completely dedicated to your windsurfing development.

Jem is a born teacher and has a profound understanding of your individual needs. He will teach you using the method most suited to the way in which you learn. This way you get a greater understanding of your aims and can achieve faster progress than ever before.
You will learn the most effective way to sail, equipment handling techniques and the perfect 'set up' for your body size and skill level all of which will transform your windsurfing.

The courses cover various types of sailing according to the windsurfing location. Jem will teach you everything from stance and waterstarting to gybing, wavesailing, looping and freestyle according to your specific needs. He will break moves down, coach you on the water and use video coaching and feedback to ensure your rapid progression.

Not only will you come home a better windsurfer, having had lots of fun and enjoyed every moment of the trip, but you will also have a lot of Jem's "top tips" to utilise on your return and pass on to your mates. Most importantly you will have a seriously fun time and a holiday to remember!

Customer Feedback:
'One of the great things about Jem is his energy and love of windsurfing and his obvious wish to share that with others. Besides being a great sailor and teacher it is what sets him apart from the others. When I first met him I was blown away by his apparent mania for the sport.' Jim H 47, Ireland wave client, on Jem.

'Jem doesn’t categorise people and make half the group feel like lower class citizens by calling them intermediates. He can put people together of all abilities and you’ll find the basic fundamentals are the same for all moves. I thought he would be doing a lot of chat and I didn’t think I would be able to pull out the nuggets that I needed. But he has really learnt how to present that information individual to each client.' Judith Harris, Rhodes '04 client, on Jems clinics.

As a windsurfer for several years at an ok nowegian level I am 100% self made and never had coaching. I´ve always wanted coaching and that was the reason I signed up for the Jem Hall clinic in El-Tur.
Jem has a sailing style obviously developed for letting people see what he does. This is atypical of Jem. As a coach there are no coincidences. He is 100% thought through and so professional.
I´m a higly educated psychologist in Norway working with people with severe eating disorders. In my training I have met a lot of the top people world wide in my field. People knowing something about learning, change and how to cope with people wanting or not wanting this. Jem is by far better than a lot of these guys and actually the best coach I have ever met and had the opportunity to work with no matter my profession or other sports. He knows how to connect with you and helps you change and charge for perfection.He is the master at hitting you at your own level and making you feel like a champ. The different level of people joining the clinic was also no problem as everyone was catered for.

In one week Jem taught me more than I would usually learn in a whole season. Most important he gave me all the fundamentals to build on to make me a better windsurfer in the future. A Jem Hall clinic is not over when you leave, It is something you take with you and that is going to make you a better and better windsurfer for many years to come. Asle Halvorsen, El Tur '07 client on Jem.
Please book early to ensure the clinic and destination of your choice.