Jem Hall Video Gallery


124926415|Duck Gybing|,
124921581|Gybing tips|,
124919220|Tuning Tips|,
124917186|Jumping Tips|,
63846487|Jem Hall Prasonisi, Rhodes|,
92053247|Baja PSC Windsurfing|,
92594545|Moulay Windsurfing Morrocco|,
63611873|Baja PSC windsurfing wave clinic|,
voO_k3Jml98|Light Wind Fundamentals|,
53231248|Wave SUP as explained by JH|,
33934794|Jem Hall Baja |,
49612716|NWF by Jem Hall|,
44921576|Morrocco Moulay|,
43440097|RRD Importer meeting|,
96832840 |Boom Height and Harness Tuning|,
96719051|Footstraps and Mast foot|


For more videos check my windsurfing technique pages and windsurfing clinics

I hope you enjoy these Windsurfing videos from various locations around the world. Jem Hall clinics. Prasonisi - Rhodes, Morrocco Moulay, Brazil Jeri, Ireland Brandon Bay.

More windsurf videos to come!