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Beginner to Winner

Beginner to Winner instructional windsurfing DVD is one of the latest offerings from FREE YOUR MIND PRODUCTIONS and top windsurfing coach and instructor Jem Hall. Filmed on location in Maui and Tobago, offering just under 4 hours of pure instructional joy.

The DVD appeals to windsurfers who are already in the sport. It also is an excellent tool for new windsurfers getting into the sport and looking to improve FAST.

The windsurfing DVD covers everything from learning on big beginners boards to all you need to know to get full performance in every aspect of sailing short boards including Jumping, Duck Gybes and Heli Tacks. From first day to first Jump, Beach to Waterstarting, basic Stance to Footstraps and Footsteering to Carve Gybes this is the DVD to ensure progression from Beginner to Winner!

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