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Windsurf Jumping

Windsurf jumps

If you've been perusing some of the jumping articles and video clips you might be thinking it's about time I clocked up some aerial action. You may even aspire to become a freestyler or want to get out in the waves. It all depends on you. Jumping is often left till after blasting and gybing but there is no better time than the present to get into it.

My local spot of Southsea was quite bumpy and so we all got right into jumping early on, way before our gybes became accomplished. So here we will be covering how to get the board out of the water off a small piece of chop. This action is taken into waves and should you be a wannabe pilot and intend getting up very high then this popping action will be your ticket.

Tip - #1 from Jem Hall on Vimeo.

Jumping Tip #2 from Jem Hall on Vimeo.

The ability to pop off flat water will vastly improve your chances of getting into all the aerial sliding trickery around and is a real boon for your looping. Only by constantly trying these hops will your timing and technique improve, so keep at it.

Planning for Take-off

A good sailor analyses the water for gusts, lulls, bumps and is therefore always ahead of the game. So whilst sailing along scan ahead and upwind for troughs, and as your calculation of time and distance improves you’ll arrive at your chosen spot as a lovely little ramp presents itself. READ THE WATER for it has patterns, and as bits of chop double up sweet ramps will appear. If you add a shift in the wind to coming more from behind you then you’ll have the perfect ramp. You will take off slightly into the wind, which will bring the nose up and feed air under the board.


  • Popping - Getting the board out of the water from setting up in a coiled position.
  • Look where we want to go - We are aiming to spot our landing and maintain shape in the air and will therefore be looking forward.
  • Scissoring the board – Pull up on your back leg and extend the front leg to bear the board away in the air after your upwind take off.

Kit and Set-up

  • Smaller boards and sails under 6.0 are more lively and easier to pop. Although some of my very excitable intermediate clients try it on 150 litre boards and 8.0s.
  • Ensure your boom is high enough as low booms stick the board to the water.
  • Generous sized inboard straps allow you to point your toes in the air and trim the board to get the wind under it. Tight straps equal shit jumps and bad aerial trim.


  • Get down low ready to pop
  • Push through your back foot and toes HARD
  • Pull the front leg and boom up and forward
  • Pull the tail up and drop your body down
  • Bend the arms and keep tucked
  • Extend the back leg for a tail first landing
  • Throw the rig forwards and open whilst flattening the board


Try a couple on BOTH tacks, on every run and you’ll soon have it. Develop your board trim and style by going for one handed (hooked in) jumps. Use your chop hop skills off of waves and you will really fly as most people just sail off the wave, popping the board off the top of the wave will double your height.

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