29 October 2012

Toys, toys, toys - we love em!

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During my ocean realignment on my home turf, and throughout my Psc, Rhodes, Mauritius I have had the opportunity to really get to know my new toys and I must say I am loving my new Ezzy Panther Elite 2014s and the RRD Wave Cult Quads, alongside my NEW Firewaves and the updated FIREMOVE v2s. The 4 battened Elites are lighter, easier power and more neutral for rides, gybes and style and really allow you to throttle the power on or off, yet they are still strong and with a huge wind range and a massive top end. Now that I have had some quality testing time on my New Cult Quads, and in a range of conditions, I am happy to say that I have them dialled in and am really appreciating their virtues. It is also worth noting that not only am I enjoying them but so too are the people I lend them to in order to test them and provide me with valuable insight, same goes for the Elites. The feedback thus far on the RRD Cult Quads is that they are earlier to plane, have more wind range and a livelier / faster ride. Due to the narrower tails and increased tail rocker, with more vee, they are looser and now with more drive too. Yesterday saw my onshore wave riding performance definitely go up a notch - I LOVE THEM! Get in touch if you want to discuss or test either of the above.

Firewave and New Firemove feedback to follow : )

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