Patricia Windsurfing Testimonial Rhodes Brazil Baja / PSC

Windsurfer:  Patricia  Intermediate


Age: 40-50

Nationality: Spain

Which Clinics have your attended before: Rhodes, Brazil, Baja / PSC

Why did you go on a clinic? My first clinic was a present for my boyfriend, and i just planned to tag along. Now I go to sail better and get even more focused.

How did Jem improve your sailing? He got me to sail faster and put more energy and effort into all my moves. I now sail in harder conditions and can make more out of them. My jumping is better and I'm more the pilot than the passenger, Jem really helps you take charge of this area! And after a long battle, I can tack. I've also taken some of Jem's coaching to my other sports ("if something is worth doing, it's worth doing it right", right Coach?)

Windsurfing Clinics Overview

This table gives an overview of Jem's Clinics and the time of year they are running




January No Clinic   
February Caribbean - Tobago Intermediate 
March No Clinic  
April No Clinic  
May Morrocco - Moulay Advanced
June Greece - Rhodes Intermediate / Advanced

Morrocco - Moulay OR

PSC - Baja

August PSC - Baja Intermediate / Advanced
September Mauritius - Le Morne Intermediate / Advanced
October Ireland - Brandon Bay Advanced
November Brazil - Jeri Intermediate / Advanced
December Brazil - Jeri Intermediate / Advanced

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