Gijs van Ierssel Windsurfing Testimonial Rhodes Ireland Morocco

Windsurfer:  Gijs van Ierssel  Advanced


Age: 40-50

Nationality: The Netherlands

Which Clinics have your attended before:Rhodes, Ireland, Moulay in Morocco

Why did you go on a clinic? My lady told me, stop dreaming, book a clinic with this Englishman. She could hear the music from the 70s and no longer hear his voice (beginner to winner, DVD). So off I went to get fully retuned, live and direct 

How did Jem improve your sailing? Jem improved my timing, wave riding, and all my fundamentals in general, especially tacking and carve gybing. 

Windsurfing Clinics Overview

This table gives an overview of Jem's Clinics and the time of year they are running




January No Clinic   
February Caribbean - Tobago Intermediate 
March No Clinic  
April No Clinic  
May Morrocco - Moulay Advanced
June Greece - Rhodes Intermediate / Advanced

Morrocco - Moulay OR

PSC - Baja

August PSC - Baja Intermediate / Advanced
September Mauritius - Le Morne Intermediate / Advanced
October Ireland - Brandon Bay Advanced
November Brazil - Jeri Intermediate / Advanced
December Brazil - Jeri Intermediate / Advanced

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