• Punta San Carlos -  Baja
    Superb long wally right hander will get your top turns tweaked and your legs aching.

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  • Brandon Bay
    Great waves or flat water, friendly vibes and pints of Guiness

    Clinic Details...

  • Prasonisi Rhodes
    Probably my most popular clinic - perfect flat water and fun cross-on wave conditions

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  • Brazilbrill
    Awesome clinic for perfecting wavesailing technique in mellow warm waves

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  • Mauritius
    Flat water blasting - bump n jump in the lagoon or solid waves on the reef

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  • Morocco
    Moulay is a great place to improve your wavesailing and getting big sick jumps.

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  • Tobago
    Flat water blasting, in a tropical paradise - perfect for Improvers and Advanced riders.

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Windsurfer:  Daniel Macaulay  Advanced


Age: 30-40

Nationality: United Kingdom

Which Clinics have your attended before:Morocco

Why did you go on a clinic? To learn some moves that I have been trying for a long time but not progressing with... as Jem calls it 'practicing my mistakes'

How did Jem improve your sailing? 100%. He really took me back to the basics. My tacks and gybes weren't as perfect as I tough they were and my forward and back loops have improved a lot. Most importantly , he showed me what I need to do to self-coach and continue improving in the future.

Windsurfer:  Huw  Advanced


Age: 30-40

Nationality: Welsh

Which Clinics have your attended before:Rhodes Morocco

Why did you go on a clinic? To get better on my port tack riding and starboard tack loops and back loops

How did Jem improve your sailing? Jem's windsurfing coaching style is really excellent and he really reinforced the key principles of windsurfing again for me. My forwrding looping was much improved!

Windsurfer:  Patricia  Intermediate


Age: 40-50

Nationality: Spain

Which Clinics have your attended before: Rhodes, Brazil, Baja / PSC

Why did you go on a clinic? My first clinic was a present for my boyfriend, and i just planned to tag along. Now I go to sail better and get even more focused.

How did Jem improve your sailing? He got me to sail faster and put more energy and effort into all my moves. I now sail in harder conditions and can make...

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